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George Hinton

So Red Ken hasn't already assumed dictatorial powers?
He's steamrollered all his policies through and ignored all the negatives from any consultation.
Let us not forget that this man back in the 80's assumed power through a back room putsch, he has no more respect for democracy than the mullahs, whom he regularly invites to speak.
The sooner he is gone, prefably buried with garlic and a wooden stake the better.

Martin Hoscik

The problem with Lait's assertion that there will be "a residents' revolt" is she has produced no evidence to support it.

In the same interview she claimed "many residents are on the point of “revolt” over mayoral intervention in areas like planning”

But according to the Department for Communities and Local Government there have been only “a handful” of responses to their consultation on the new planning powers:


Hardly what I call a revolt!

london tory

Wishful thinking, I think you'll find.

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