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Phil Taylor

Richard is the stand out candidate from the field so far. He has real experience of office as the leader of Hillingdon and as a GLA member who has been holding the Met to account over its rollout of Safer Neighbourhood Teams and leading the inquiry into 7/7.

Furthermore Richard is a London politician, not a wannabe MP like some others we could mention.

As people get to know him they will recognise that he has the personality and the experience to go up against Livingstone who is off on a jolly in California right now.

Jill Richardson

"[Nicholas Boles] is the current rontrunner and I think he is absolutely admirable."

From the man who had to go into hiding during the 2001 general election, rendering him unable to perform his responsibilities as one of the party's main spokespeople and who said that he would rather beg in the street than send his daughter to the local comprehensive school. Great political judgement, that one.


Not sure that Oliver Letwin should publicly endorse a candidate now.He will be seen as the leaderships choice which might very well hurt his chances.
As we are having a primary election I think it would be wise for the leadership to keep quiet until it's over.

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)

Vitoria did well answering the easy questions on ABK. Shame she appears to dodge the tougher ones.

We've still not had an answer to the email we sent her last Thursday.


Have you tried using the phone instead?

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)

Dizzy, you're missing the point.

Victoria wishes to present herself as a potential Mayor of London and has solicited feedback including via a given email address.

We emailed her last Thursday AND the previous Friday, neither email has been answered.

Tell me what impression that gives?

No More Self Appointed Campaign Leaders Please

It gives the impression of a self-appointed lobbyist setting silly hoops he expects candidates to jump through. Well done Victoria for not responding to either your email of last Thursday OR EVEN that of Friday.


Martin, I'm not missing the point at all. I'm merely suggesting that there are other (more reliable) means of communications available to you. Email by design (see RFC 821) is not a guaranteed delivery service - you can't even be sure she got them - which incidentally is why I picked up the phone as well. As I said over on ABK, Victoria told me that she's been having mail problems.

I don't disagree with you that potential mayoral candidates ought to reply to mail (assuming they get it). However, I also realise that I'm no one to them so if they ignore me I don't particularly care much. If it's any consolation Warwick Lightfoot hasn't replied to my mail.

Now.... do you need a hug?

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)


If anyone was having email issues of *that* magnitude wouldn't you expect them to put some form of notice on their site? To offer an alternate email?

No-one wanting to stand in an election where they need every first preference and second preference vote should consider even a single Londoner "no one to them".

It's great you guys asked her your questions but - and I really don't mean this unkindly to you - they do fall somewhat towards the 'Isn't Ken awful', 'You'll be better won't you?' end of the spectrum.

No-one will be elected Mayor who is unwilling or unable to tackle the harder questions. In the event that she's selected as the candidate Victoria will have to appear on live TV and radio debates where she'll be unable to ignore questions over the massive gaps in her policies.

As for the offer of a hug - why not? :-)

'No More Self Appointed Campaign Leaders Please ' - that's an odd position to take. VB wants to be Mayor of London.

To be elected she'll need mine and a lot of other people's votes so I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect her to engage with Londoners.

It's baffling that you think asking her to explain her policies to the people she wants to vote for her is a "silly hoop". It's an everyday part of politics and campaigning.

Simon Phillips

I couldn't agree more with Phil. Richard Barnes is a genuine political heavyweight in London government and will be an outstanding candidate. He has the experience and track record of serving Londoners and holding Ken to account and did an excellent job as chairman of the assembly's 7/7 inquiry committee. Perhaps most importantly, his candidature will add significant credibility to the selection proces.

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)


I think it's excellent that Richard is running - he's a good AM and, as you say, did a fantastic job with the 7/7 report.


Martin, the blog is called "Anyone But Ken", are the questions really that much of a surprise given that? I still think you should pick up the bloody phone though.

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)

Hi Dizzy

No, I don't think the questions are a surprise and they are a perfectly fair line of questions.

Sorry if my post came over as a knock - it wasn't intended to :-)

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