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What a superb article. Darren is quite right in every respect and his enthusiasm is very refreshing. We can grasp the nettle on this and take the fight to the enemy.

Darren highlights some examples of the way forward, viz a Ken mark II, Giuliani figure, Drip Whittington, etc. There is also another avenue we could pursue.

We are currently in a process of changing our brand image and priorities, all very much associated personally with our party leader. The new themes are designed to reflect mainly metropolitan concerns and are focussed on London which we need to turn in order to win a general election anyway. We need to embrace this platform so the general message is not diluted. On top of this we need an exceptionally strong candidate to spearhead a campaign to recapture London, to show what we are made of, and then to go on to win in Britain.

So who is best to capitalise (no pun intended) on this as our candidate? The clear answer is that famous resident of Notting Hill, David Cameron.

As Darren says, we have a blank canvas here, so let's think about why David Cameron might actually be the best candidate for a moment:

- he can actually win
- it is a real job (as opposed to Leader of the Opposition)
- he ticks all the boxes to qualify
- it will give him power to demonstrate his competence
- it will give us a vitally important base
- it will provide him with an easy stepping stone to the PM's job
- it will be great for London

So there it is: David Cameron for Mayor!


This is exactly the right attitude. Instead of petty attempts to paint the process as a humiliation, which it patently isn't, we should be having a debate about who can succeed where Ken has failed.

The more we talk about this the more likely we are to find the right candidate. The Blues can yet have the last laugh

Tam Large

He'll make a good politician. Turning a crisis into a claimed "opportunity" is a central skill in the spin industry.

In reality this was a hurried and bungled public selection stunt & nobody groovy and Cameroon enough to be acceptable applied so it was aborted. Steve Norris is obvious for the job, but is to old (ageism!) and english (racism!) to even be considered - hence his decision not to bother trying.

london tory

Darren's is a very thoughtful article, refreshingly focused on what we as a party want to achieve out of the Mayoralty as opposed to merely the Mayoral election.

He is right when he says that we need to start thinking about what sort of Mayor we want, an exercise that goes beyond that which has so far been undertaken by CCHQ.

For example, do we really want a Mayor Ferrari who has shown precious little interest in our party's inclusivity agenda?

Indeed, his views on such matters would involve taking a step back to the kind of rhetoric the party indulged in before and during the 2001 and 2005 general election campaigns.

Or in the case of Baron Stevens, do we really want a Mayor who does not believe in Giuliani-style broken window/accountability policing but instead shares Mayor Livingstone's belief (and the policy espoused by our own party prior to previous Mayoral campaigns) that more police on the beat is the answer?

Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg and the New York Police Department know from bitter experience that more numbers without a New York-style CompStat system (that makes the police accountable for crime) doesn't work.

Indeed, London's own experience of rising crime accompanied by increased police numbers since 2000 (during which time Lord Stevens was head of the Metropolitan Police Service for the bulk of that time) also indicates that this approach does not work.

This is the debate we need to have at every level of the party, and now, as Darren points out, we have the time to have it.


Points on DC well made but obviously flippant. But what about Boris Johnson? A genuine high profile candidate to stand up to the appalling Livingstone and say what needs to be said; we need to roll back this authoritarian/totalitarian dictatorship which hides class hatred behind a smokescreen of "Green" concern.

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