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Wat Tyler

Ferrari today, Honda...sorry, Jeremy Clarkson yesterday (see his ST column).

I still don't see why a high profile right winger would want to run as Tory candidate for Mayor. He/she would be much better off running as an independent like Ken, without all the centrist restrictions imposed by Central Office.

And it would be better for us Tories too- eg London could benefit from tougher policing without involving Dave in any of that nasty stuff. Someone else would be up there taking responsibility, leaving him to watch from the sidelines until media opinion had been swung round.

Selsdon Man

I have to question James Cleverly's reason for withdrawing from the Mayoral race. The date of the Mayoral election has not changed. The only timescale difference is that the primary candidates will spend six more months campaigning for the nimination, rather than the election.

I now doubt whether James Cleverly was a serious Mayoral candidate. His candidacy appears to be have been a self-publicity stunt to raise his profile to get on the A list (successful!) and in applying for Parliamentary seats.

The primary deserved better than to be used in such a cynical manner by an individual who did dod not expect to win and whose priorities lay elsewhere.


The only timescale difference is that the primary candidates will spend six more months campaigning for the nomination, rather than the election.

There is a big difference between campaigning as a candidate and campaigning to be candidate. It may well be that James's personal circumstances are such that he cannot afford to campaign for the extra six months. Were he successful however, following selection he would have been expecting all of us as supporters.

As for him not expecting to win, the field would be a little thin if we only wanted those with a very good chance of winning, and that would make a primary pointless.

If he did use it to gain publicity, good luck to him. Its called ambition and no-one will ever be a successful politician without it.

The Daily Pundit

"who did dod not expect to win" - Ken Dodd.


I'm not surprised that James pulled out. The delay sends out the message that CCHQ dosen't think that the current set of candidates is good enough. That is hardly the best start to anyone's campaign.

If CCHQ are allowed to change their plans so is James.

Claire Turner

The leadership appears to be sending out the message that they believe James Cleverly and Nick Boles are more suited to applying for parliamentary seats.

Not only have they delayed the contest to try to attract better quality candidates. They have also written to Mr. Cleverly advising him that he is now on the priority list for parliamentary constituencies and they have presumably written to Mr. Boles advising him that he has been negligent in failing to apply for any parliamentary constituency selections despite being approved for the priority list.


Wonder if Steve Norris will now be persuaded to stand. Whilst Nick Boles would be an excellent candidate and mayor, as a big name is apparently necessary, who better than Steve?


Cllr Simon Fawthrop a member of Bromley Council has also announced his intention to stand.

michael mcgough

It might help future Mayoral candidates if CCHQ spelt out what qualities over and above those needed to be on the first( or second )CLASS A list are required.Clearly James Cleverly would benefit from this knowledge.

Annabel Herriott

Just finished watching newsnight. Another good example of the Beeb lady trying to wrong foot the tories. Tim! You were excellent. But why the byronic hairdo? I almost did not recognise you.

Paul Bee

Having just watched Newsnight re: potential Conservative candidates for the London Mayor, it was refreshing to hear Tim condemning the Party's shambolic strategy concerning appealing to A list candidates.

Also, I thought Steve Norris' remarks explaining why there was a need for an extension for a timeframe, i.e., only party activists rather than celebrities had so far come forward, undermined those who obviously embrace the Tory cause.

Shame really, as this country needs a viable opposition to Blair who still follows in Thatcher's footsteps!

Annabel Herriott

As a non Londoner, is it now time, in view of todays terrorist threat at Heathrow and other airports, to wonder whether we should have someone like John Stevens as London Mayor???

london tory

"wonder whether we should have someone like John Stevens as London Mayor???"

We would do better to have someone who had a plan to reduce crime in London. Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington proved unable to do this when he had the perfect opportunity, arguably exercising more power over London's police than Mayor Livingstone himself.

The Lord Stevens record on crime in Loondon comparing the calendar year of 2004 (his final full year as head of the Metropolitan Police Service) with calendar year 2000:

Murder up by 10%
Rape up by 12%
Assault up by 14%
Theft up by 14%

Having senior police experience is not the same as being effective on the job.

Compare the Livingstone-Stevens record with the the first five years of New York's Mayor Rudy Giuliani and NYPD Commissioners Bratton and Safir who held the equivalent of Stevens' job during that time period:

Homicide down 67%
Rape down 27%
Assualt down 30%
Larceny-theft down 38%

And Giuliani achieved these reductions after inheriting far higher levels of crime than Livingstone and Stevens inherited when they took up their positions in 2000.

Helen Bruce

Londontory is right. All Livingstone would have to do is say to Baron Stevens if he ran against him is: if you think I'm doing a bad job re: policing, why didn't you do or say something about it when you had the chance?


I am somewhat surprised by Andrew Boff's interest. He recently ran for mayor of hackney and I never saw or heard from him or any other conservative candidates in the run up to the election. I think he would be great as Mayor of London- and I did vote for him for Mayor of Hackney- but my question is- is he just throwing his hat in the ring to raise his profie or is he a serious candidate?

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