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Sounds very promising - traditional conservative solutions to crime, cutting waste and showing people what they're getting for their money.

Laughing Cavalier

Sounds just my kind of Gal. What else do we know about her?

london tory

This experiment was not properly thought through. If all we can show for it is a couple of Kensington & Chelsea councillors, one of whom has had difficulty getting selected for parliamentary seats (the Mayoral election is 74 times as large) and the other has had difficulty getting selected for even a seat on the GLA. To say the very least, neither are known for their media or communication skills.

Where are the serious candidates?


It's slightly strange that on her website she moves from first person ("I have today launched my campaign...") to third person ("She would insist...") back to first person (this time in quotation marks) ending with something of uncertain voice.

It's not that I'm a grammarian particularly, but this doesn't sound like someone who has thought much about her communication.

Nor, for that matter, does she know much about the broken window theory of zero tolerance, to which she alludes. The point is that you leave no window broken, so as to stop an area drifting into chaotic disrepair, not that every window breaker is caught and convicted (an impossible if laudable mission).


Further: the idea of recruiting a "US cop" to be "London’s crime tsar" seems rather strange. Learn from the US, yes, but this isn't a good proposal. (Bob Kiley, who has cost us millions, hasn't exactly solved transport issues here, has he?)

I'm not being negative, because I do like her emphasis on crime and tax, but she needs to put in a bit more effort. It all looks so amateurish.


she sounds like she has some good ideas to sort out London, i like the idea she has a family at least she's in touch with reality and understands how expenses it is living in London!

Henry Mayhew

Very strong on education in K&C. Led the campaign to keep the ex-Kings College buildings in public use as refurbished educational facilities, rather than be sold for apartments. Not afraid to challenge the status quo and stand up to powerful vested interests. Warm, bubbly personality that will appeal to those looking for strong leadership, in my opinion.

Small London Business

It is fantastic that we now have a decent London female who has hard hitting policies to tackle day to day issues. London has been attacked by Ken and now we can have someone fighting for small business. This congestion charge is ruining my Business! Let’s hope that she can change London to return it to the Greatest City it once was!


Good to have a serious Londoner with a serious campaign

Nina James

Refreshing policies, with the right background, experience, determination and charisma to carry them through. It's time we got someone who really cares about London in charge.


A serious candidate who understands london and is passionate about it -unlike the current mayor who uses his office as an extension of his ego without giving a damn about the disastrous impact his policies are having on all aspects of the city and its inhabitants lives.

Toby Lucas

I would like to be able to walk round London, especially at night time with a feeling of safety; for teenagers especially this is an issue. I am therefore supporting Victoria Borwick 100%

Robert Freeman

London needs Victoria Borwick to take a tough line on crime.


Patrick Saich

I worked with Victoria and thought she was a great team leader, open to change, progress and opinions from others and with a great desire to make things better for people. She always acted fairly, was very successful in her role and was very well liked by her entire department and fellow directors. We would be lucky to have someone with such honesty, energy, credibility, drive and passion for London as the Mayor, but most importantly we can believe in her ability to deliver.

Richard Carey

It's slightly strange that on her website she moves from first person ("I have today launched my campaign...") to third person ("She would insist...") back to first person (this time in quotation marks) ending with something of uncertain voice.

I thought this a little strange too - Victoria has some great ideas, but I agree that their articulation there could have been fairly easily improved.

The great thing about primary elections is that it does give campaign teams time to grow and develop, and address their weaknesses, before the final contest.

And no, I'm not angling for a communications job on the campaign team, before you ask... (my email address is at the bottom of the post!!!)

Tory Solicitor

I don't know much about Victoria Borwick but I object strongly to the notion that our candidate needs to be a big name.

I actually think a fresh character with no baggage is a better bet.

There will be time to build a profile before and during the campaign.

Also, it would be refreshing to have a woman candidate

Dr. Hugh and Angela Overy

AT LAST another Mrs. Thatcher steps forward.
Victoria Borwick has the same determination
and skills to get Londoners to work together,
to do what really matters and cut out the


Good plan regarding council tax and the congestion charge. It's refreshing to find a candidate who puts the people before the purse.


Does this candidate understand policing? In the UK we police by consent and it works, that is the basis of policing in the UK. Zero tolerance policing might win headlines but simply won't work, particularly as the idea of putting people in prison for minor offences (and this is the logical extension of zero tolerance theory) is impractical when there is such a lack of prison space.

Double-crewing police officers is a safety thing and I'm not sure that Victoria understands this enough to be taken especially seriously.

Good luck, but wouldn't win my vote.


I see VB has adjusted her website to slightly improve the 'voice'. I still wonder why some bits are left in speech marks, but I wish her good luck!

Small London Business

In reference to Policing in Pairs – it must be remembered that although this may be important on some occasions it is a sad reflection on our society if police have to regularly go around in pairs – are the streets not safe enough for us to walk about alone?
I still firmly believe that a family woman will have the capability to structure and organise London.


Bye Bye Red Ken
Hello Red Head!

Belinda Donovan

Glad to see there is a candidate who is anti the congestion charge and appreciates what living and working in London is actually about


We haven't got a strong media-friendly candidate. We're not going to win. Lets say we will call a referendum on ending the extra expense of the mayoralty and GLA, not put up the candidate we don't have and call on Londoners to boycott the election. When that leaves the usual turnout of 20% we can claim a victory for "none of the above".

We've closed Ken down before, we can do it again.

Of course, we had a leader who believed in something then.

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)

On the subject of Victoria's website, it gives some concerns about her knowledge of the body she wants to head up.

The links section claims to link to the Greater London Assembly site.

There is no such thing as 'the Greater London Assembly'. The London Assembly and Mayor of London together make up the Greater London Authority.

A small but I fear telling point about the level of knowledge some potential candidates have of the job.

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