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london tory

Steve Norris has the personality, the skills and the qualifications to be the Mayor and the candidate. The Tories should knock on his door.

Henry Mayhew

Is Kilroy available?


"I'm holding one suggestion back. I'll publish it tomorrow..."

But I'm not in the Tory Party any more. ;-)

Andrew Kennedy

"But I'm not in the Tory Party any more. ;-)"

is Michael Portillo ?

Craig Barrett

Should that be JOHN Randall MP?


Wow, I'm suprised more people didn't indicate their preferred candidate for London Mayor. I supported Seb Coe simply because he already has a huge support built up in London thanks to his excellent work on the Olympic bid. Its a shame that he's ruled himself out already, though who knows if he might change his mind if he finds himself being favoured above all other candidates.

As for Portillo... I'm not sure if I'd rather have Ken. At least then Labour get the blame!

Justin Hinchcliffe

I nominate the Editor!

Daniel Vince-Archer

I suspect the reason Sebastian Coe and Steve Norris rated so highly was name recognition.

I nominated Ray Lewis, because rather than choosing a celebrity or media darling, I think it's important to have somebody with real hands-on experience of tackling the deep-rooted problems that London faces.

I'm thrilled that nobody nominated Jeffrey Archer.

Henry Mayhew

How about someone with a real policy agenda - Victoria Kluk for example?

Justin Hinchcliffe

Would Sir John Major do it?

Brian Jenner

What about Andrew Neil? He's a Tory isn't he?


Does it matter? They won't win anyway.


Barbara Windsor would walk it.

David Banks

Matthew Parris for Mayor.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"I'm holding one suggestion back. I'll publish it tomorrow..."

It's not the Catholic plotter's choice Peter Stringfellow is it?

Jon Gale

They had a good mayor of Curitiba in Brazil:


Can we get him?

Graham Clark

After two dry winters, and in the midst of a warm, dry summer, I'd be interested to learn declared candidates' views on Thames Water's proposed desalination plant at Beckton. I understand that Ken Livingstone ordered Newham Council to refuse planning permission, and that the Planning Inspectorate has recently taken evidence at public hearings.

According to MayorWatch, 'Roger Evans AM, Conservative Environment Spokesman, has branded the Mayor's opposition to the proposed Thames Water desalination plant at Beckton "grossly irresponsible". (He) claims London "desperately needs to increase the availability of clean water for Londoners and it's shocking to see Ken Livingstone opposing this on spurious environmental grounds" adding that the current growth in population means "there is a real risk of the taps running dry in a few years, and we cannot continue to pretend that doing nothing is the answer."'

I can't immediately find any reference to this matter on either Mr Lightfoot's or Mrs Borwick's websites. Though the former's tree planting scheme would incidentally absorb some of the carbon emissions from the proposed plant.

Given the vital importance of continuous availability of potable water, some thoughts on the options for boosting supply - desalination, more reservoirs, importing water in sea tankers (road transport and a national water grid using rivers and canals are impractical) - would be useful. One or more of these would complement plans to replace another 850 miles of leaky Victorian mains by 2010, and encouraging customers to use water more efficiently.

Tory Bunny

I'd love to see Seb stand in the future, but he has other priorities for the next 6 years.

Would it be possible to see a list of the as yet unselected a-listers from London. That would presumably contain some of the strongest contenders.


My suggestion is not there!! Unless that is the one you holding back! Come on...give us a clue!

Graeme Archer

In the unlikely event of Andrew Boff not winning the primary in a landslide (who was the other Andrew voter?) I would like someone who can:

- articulate our agenda without dog-whistling
- be tough on the crime that blights Londoners' lives without mouthing zero-tolerance platitudes (I always thought Steve Norris was a lot stronger on this than ever came across: lost in the Jarvis background noise)
- ps that means sacking Ian Blair
- look & sound like a normal Londoner. Sorry - that means no pin-stripes or fwaw fwaw accents
- someone with a track record of delivery.

Actually Andrew Boff would be perfect.

David Banks

How about Victoria Kluk , she is certainly the prettiest of all the candidates listed above and in our image driven media culture thats got to be a bonus

Simon Chapman

I'm holding one suggestion back. I'll publish it tomorrow...

Have I missed it? Who did you have in mind Tim?


I'm behind schedule, Simon. Sorry. Warwick Lightfoot's piece came in for today and I have a piece from Victoria Borwick for tomorrow. It'll probably be Friday now if I can bother to do anything in this heat!

Tory Bunny

It's too soon to back a candidate, but from what I've read I'd be interested to see Julia Manning (who I realise lives in London, although I'm not sure how long she's been there) put forward a platform for her ideas for London. I guess she'd be a worthy candidate.

london tory

OK, so we have had two online polls taking the temperature of the politically active and interested. Obviously, most of these names have no following among the wider voting public and so would not register in a real poll. But if candidates like Borwick, Boles and Lightfoot get only tiny percentages even among the politically informed who actually know them or have heard of them--and before they have ever been tested by the harsh glare of the media spotlight--it suggests that the party needs a heavyweight candidate to take on this most durable of our country's political figures.

Dale poll - 894 participants

28% Steve Norris
22% Michael Portillo
9% Nick Ferrari
8% Vanessa Feltz
7% Syed Kamall
6% Zac Goldsmith
5% Eric Ollerenshaw
3% Nicholas Boles
3% Angie Bray
2% Andrew Boff
2% Brian Coleman
2% Ray Lewis
1% Roger Evans
1% Richard Barnes
1% Simon Milton

Montgomerie poll - 220 participant

22% Sebastian Coe
10% Steve Norris
9% Michael Portillo
9% Lord Stevens
5% Boris Johnson
4% Syed Kamall
2% Nick Ferrari
2% John Bowis
2% Nicholas Boles
2% Richard Branson
2% Angie Bray
1% Andrew Boff
1% Zac Goldsmith
1% Margot James
1% Ivan Massow
1% Simon Milton
1% Andrew Pelling
1% Carol Thatcher
1% Victoria Borwick
1% Warwick Lightfoot
1% Nikki Page
1% Andrew Rosindell

John Moss

There is one name missing of both these lists, Eddie Lister. The man who made Wandsworth the best Council in London

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