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london tory

There's a bit of spinning going on here (above).

The quote refers to a really good candidate emerging, not Sir Simon Milton emerging.

Selsdon Man

Who are the "friends" in the last sentence?

Sounds like a smear to me!

Andrew Kennedy

Steve Norris would lose £400,000 if he stands.

There is a simple solution !

Dawn Cole

With "friends" like that, who needs enemies? Give us Norris over Sir
Simon any day.

london tory

Steve has a lot to offer the party as a candidate and someone who could be the Mayor, which to put it kindly, is not in danger of happening to Victoria or Warwick.

It's a pity Joe Murphy did not choose to write about what matters most to Londoners, namely crime and transport. Instead we are treated to yet more soap opera style coverage of what is a serious position that has recently acquired more powers. It's also a pity that someone, doubtless in order to promote their own interests, has tried to mischaracterise his position re: whether or not he will stand when he has made his position abundantly clear, saying recently that he didn't think that the party had yet found a candidate who could beat Livingstone.

Give us a Tory winner

It was just a dumb piece to fill a half-empty page. I suspect they were more likely friends of that well-known "man of the people" SIR simon milton, or self-serving friends.
More people want Steve to stand than they would care to admit. As Tim says he's the only one with the liberal London credentials, he gets the issues and communicates them effectively. All that's missing has been a strong local party machine willing to campaign effectively for him. Its the party, stupid! Now let's get behind, as we are with the leader, and see what can be achieved. Does no-one want a Conservative victory these days?

Selsdon Man

Results of Iain Dale Mayoral poll

Norris 28% (top)
Milton 1% (bottom)

And "friends" say that Norris will support Milton. Absolute tosh!

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)

As I'll be able to vote in the selection I'll be backing Norris if he stands.

In 2000 and 2004 he gave Ken a good run for his money and ensured that Londoners had a real choice to make.

From what I understand of the time table 2007 will be almost on us by the time a candidate is chosen - not enough time to build a brand to take on KL.

If he's up for it I think is has to be Norris again.

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