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Don Jameson

Let's not hold our breath here. When the statutory body charged with overseeing standards in local government sought to discipline Livingstone they were coolly dismissed as "unelected officials".

ASA is a non-statutory, self-regulatory body accountable to its own practitioners, and will doubtless have its decision swept aside at the High Court, too.

Face it, the Mayor is beyond control.

Matt Davis

Well done Roger Evans for at least trying, but once again where is the back up in either Parliament or from CCHQ generally? No wonder Livingstone consistently gets away with abusing his position when we consistently fail to hold him to proper account.

Graeme Archer

Roger Evans is to be congratulated for taking the Mayor on like this - tenacious campaigning by assembly members is the way to go! I don't like the man politically but that Lib Dem Normal Baker is very good at getting media exposure on issues he takes exception to - this is what our assembly members should be doing.

Mike Kindler

How much do all these self aggrandising adverts cost taxpayers? I'm getting increasingly irritated at hearing and seeing adverts, paid for by quangos with our money, telling us what a wonderful job they are all doing for us (contrary to any experience anyone has with the department/quango concerned!). Worse still the ads from government departments trying to frighten people into compliance with micro management regulation by threats of huge fines or custodial sentences.


Well done Roger.

While you are at it, why not enquire as to why we are paying good money for a sudden outbreak of poster and 'lamp-post' advertisements declaring that "We are Londoners".

I already know where I live so the information value is minimal and there is no other obvious beneficial message.

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