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Donal Blaney

What has always astonished me is that I have yet to find anyone who voted for him. Even among my friends there are people who admit to voting for the other parties in local, EU or parliamentary elections but no one who admits to voting for Ken...

Justin Hinchcliffe

Martin Hoscik of www.mayorwatch.org.uk has given us some very good advice. I hope Tim publishes it.

Wat Tyler

Donal- not surprised you can't find anyone who voted for Ken. Even taken account of second preferences, only 16% of London electors actually voted for him...so that's, let me see...84% who didn't.

That's one helluva mandate.

Donal Blaney

Good point Wat, I hadn't really focussed on that. Of course his appeal has always been to certain minority groups whose support he ruthlessly courts and he deliberately alienates those he and his tribal supporters despise.


Ken released a "statement" on the situation in the Middle East yesterday. Do you think Hassan Nasrallah's likely to issue a press release on changes to the congestion charge?

Denis Cooper

And the Conservative response to his statement on the Middle East was .... ?

Surely he's not elected, or empowered, or paid, or expected, to issue statements on foreign affairs in his official capacity?

Martin Hoscik (MayorWatch)

Actually the statement issued by Brian Coleman makes no reference to GLA staff or AMs being shut out.

Save posting a link, here's our article:

"Chavez visit 'Disrupts London Government'
First Published: Monday 15 May 2006

Brian Coleman, Chairman of the London Assembly, today expressed "outrage" that the visit of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela has been allowed to interrupt meetings and has resulted in City Hall being closed to the public.

All of meetings between GLA staff and external organisations have been cancelled, without warning.

Mr Coleman said he recognised it was "important for the Mayor to take heed of security advice on restricting access to City Hall" but described the disruptions to meeting as "both outrageous and incompetent".

The Mayor, Ken Livingstone, is hosting a press conference and lunch for Hugo Chávez, as part of the President’s private visit to the United Kingdom."

It was external groups and the public who were shut out. People might still think that wrong but it's not quite the same as the complaint being made...

Mike Wood

There is one person who voted for Ken

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