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Unions protest at Pickles no longer collecting their subs for them

PilgrimtimeisupThe Public and Commercial Services Union have been distributing this leaflet to advertise a demonstration they are holding outside the Department for Communities and Local Government today.

The protest is prompted by the Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles ending the arrangement where the DCLG collects trade union subscriptions via the "check off" system.

This meant staff had their union subs deducted by the payroll department and it was handed over the unions.

They also complain that the DCLG's spending on Pilgrims - taxpayer funded union reps has been cut by 805. Also that there has been a 40% cut in admin spending at the DCLG and that there will be a further 10% fall in the DCLG budget by 2015/16.

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said:

"For too long in the public sector, trade unions have received taxpayer funding that is poor value for money and inadequately controlled.

"Reducing such public subsidies to trade unions is a practical way that councils can save money, to keep council tax down and protect frontline services for local residents - including union members themselves. And my department is practising what we preach to councils.

"Trade union activities and campaigning should be funded through consenting members' subscriptions, not bankrolled by the taxpayer. Freedom from state dependency will mean that trade union bosses will better reflect and respond to the wishes and views of the grassroots members."


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