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Labour-run Birmingham Council spending money on “shrink” tests for Councillors

Labour-run Birmingham Council are spending money on “shrink” tests for their councillors. They will splash £1,600 on personality tests for 20 councillors initially, with a view to rolling it out to all 120 councillors (suggesting a cost of almost £10,000). 

Birmingham was among the Labour councils which took part in the Liverpool-lead ‘cuts summit’ some months ago to complain about austerit. 

Despite this, they have found thousands to spend on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests, which are based on theories by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.

Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party Bob Neill MP said:

“Birmingham’s taxpayers won’t put up with this. Birmingham was one of the Labour councils which took part in a leftwing ‘cuts summit’ some months ago, complaining they have no money left. But now it seems they have money to burn. If they roll this scheme out to all 120 local councillors, it would cost taxpayers almost £10,000.

“This is just the same old Labour Party: more spending, more waste, and it’s hardworking people who pay the price.”


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