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Labour councillor loses selection battle - despite being the only candidate

Cllr Tim Evans, a Labour councillor in Hodge Hill Ward on Birmingham City Council has been deselected. What is confusing about this particular case is that Cllr Evans was not facing any rivals. Despite being the only candidate put forward he was still rejected. The contest will nor be rerun.

The Birmingham Post reports that only 11 people voted at the meeting. There were 13 to start with but two left before the end. The went seven to four against Cllr Evans.

The report adds:

It’s not the worst result in local Labour selections.

One member told that a contestant in another part of the West Midlands got a single vote despite having four family members in the selection meeting.

The meeting was last Friday. Andy Murray was playing in the semi finals. Even so. This small turnout and lack of alternative candidates in a safe Labour ward is alarming in itself.

Is there more to it? Who is out to get Cllr Evans and why?



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