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Introducing Cllr Lisa Forbes - Unite, the Union's, candidate for Peterborough

FistIs being a consultant for Thomas Cook a working class job? It sounds a bit middle class to me. 

It seems to have been the main job that Cllr Lisa Forbes had before being selected as the Labour candidate for Peterborough - one of the selection victories that the far left leadership of Unite are boasting about. She is now a "stay at home mum" - but in what sense is that more working class than middle class?

According to her register of interests thus far it is the Communication Workers Union that has been funding her. Also Professor Bernard Barker - who says it is a myth that transformational heads or competition can improve school standards. Then there is also the left wing activist and writer Owen Jones who has given money.

Cllr Forbes campaigns against spending cuts - including cuts in welfare spending, especially the welfare cap and reductions in the spare room subsidy. But she would save money by scrapping the nuclear deterrent.

She says Ed Miliband will lead Labour to a "landslide victory." My own prediction is that he will lose. But let us suppose he makes it and then finds that further cuts in spending are needed. How strong would Mr Miliband be as our Prime Minister if he has to rely on MPs like Lisa Forbes whose allegiances are to Unite the Union?


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