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Boris contemplates third term as Mayor

Boris Johnson has previously made clear his intention to only serve two terms as Mayor of London. However this morning - in his debut as a phone in host on LBC radio - he contemplated standing again.

Asked if it was a possibility he responded:

"You mean, if it was a sort of a 'reverse Morsi' situation? If there were hundreds of thousands of people actively calling for an extension of the administration?

"The truth is that there are so many things we are trying to do at the moment that I know I am not going to be able to get in in time for 2016.

"I won't deny it, it is something I think about and something that I've even talked to friends about.

"But the reality is that after eight years you've been at it for a long time in a very big job. You see what happens to people who do things for too long. You've got to be fair to the electorate, you've got to be sure you are doing your best.

"There will come people who will have fantastic ideas and who will have fresh ways of thinking about things."

He did then add:

"The truth is, I'm stepping down in 2016. After that, who knows what will happen."

However pressed by Nick Ferrari if he could not be persuaded to stay, he added:

"It would have to be pretty massive. You really would have to get Trafalgar Square full."

Make of that what you will. It's about 18 minutes in. I think Mr Johnson would like to be Prime Minister but that he also loves being Mayor of London and would be pleased to do that for a bit longer first. It is rather insulting to local government to keep assuming that it's only point is to get experience of the important stuff in national politics.


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