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Labour councillors celebrating Margaret Thatcher's death

The Labour Party supposedly "categorically condemns any celebration of Lady Thatcher's death." But does that condemnation amount to taking any action against their members who are participating in such vile activities?

Cllr Tony Larkin, a Labour member of Oldham Council, wrote on an online forum:

"Ding dong the witch is dead."

He included his title of Cllr in his message - no doubt keen to dignify the comment by stressing his formal status.

With a certain lack of imagination Cllr Steven Frear, a Sandwell Labour councillor, posted an identically worded message on Facebook.

Cllr Linda Marshall of Durham County Council said she was raise a glass.

Cllr Tina Bourne, a Labour Cabinet Member on Colchester Borough Council sent a tweet with a photograph of Champagne and a message saying:

Chin, chin everyone.

Cllr Colin Waude, a Labour councillor on High Peak Borough Council, tweeted a welcome for "an outpouring of hatred" for her as a "catalyst".

There have been earlier disasteful comments from Labour councillors saying they looked forward to Lady Thatcher's death. We also have Cllr Brian Lucas of Derbyshire County Council says he has "no regrets" about saying he would "raise a glass."

I find it hard to imagine any Conservative councillor would respond in this revolting way to the death of a former Labour Prime Minister. Any that did so would surely have the whip swiftly withdrawn.

For comments such as those quoted above to be made while the Thatcher family grieves is beneath contempt.

It is also true that the depth of such bile from such people proovides it's own measure of Lady Thatcher's greatness. But does Ed Miliband believe these people are suitable to continue to represent the Labour Party in public office?


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