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Conservatives have the most candidates in the council elections

The New Statesman reports the total number of council candidates in this year's elections as follows:

Total for England - 2,360 seats

Con 2,258 95.7% (per cent of seats contested)
Lab 2,174 92.1%
Lib Dem 1,756 74.4%
UKIP 1,734 73.5%
Green 882 37.3%
Independent 648 27.5%
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 119 5.0%
BNP 101 4.3%
English Democrats 38 1.6%
Others 126

So the number from the Lib Dems only fractionally ahead of UKIP. As mentioned on Monday I thought it was going to be pretty close not just due to UKIP going forwards but also the Lib Dems falling back.

The BNP have collapsed.


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