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Why I am standing for Chairman of the Conservative Councillors Association

DavidsimmondsCllr David Simmonds states his case

With so much to be proud of being done by Conservative Councils I want to be a strong voice for our members in our party and in the media. Conservative councillors are the bedrock of our party in many parts of the country. In opposition we were recognised by David Cameron as the most efficient part of the public sector and with a Conservative-led government our councillors have delivered by bearing down on tax rises and maintaining services. The vast business and political experience of our councillors is a vital resource to our party and my agenda is to ensure that it is valued and contributes to a Conservative team – local and national – building a better country.

If elected as chairman I will:

  • Run a high profile campaign promoting the achievements and value of Conservative councils and councillors within our party and the media.
  • Ensure that our ministers always have good examples of successful Conservative councils and councillors from all around the country to use when talking about local government matters.
  • Run board campaign days when the CCA board team come to help YOU with your elections.
  • Keep CCA membership costs down and maintain the benefits including the free campaign website for all councillors.
  • Improve the networking among Conservative councils and councillors so we can share our best practice more effectively.


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