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Labour failing the One Nation test in Barking and Dagenham

RalphCllr Ralph Baldwin, of Barking and Dagenham Council, says his council is aloof from those it is supposed to serve

As I sit here I read an excellent letter by a very experienced Conservative Member, Terry Justice.  An appropriate name in the circumstances.  Terry is angry and attempting to do something he never thought he would have to do in the years following the last out break of a World War, he is defending the Fundamental Rights, Freedoms and Conventions that millions gave up their lives for in defence of One Nation, a very special Nation that led by example, has been a place of sanctuary and safety as well as a defender of identity and Nationhood across the globe in the face of tyranny and expansionism.  

We were never perfect but we learned many lessons. Recently at a Council Meeting local people raised petitions to question some dubious rules being forced upon them by Barking and Dagenham, a local authority that is supposed to represent them.  

During the debate a concerned citizen asked a question of the (potentially future Leader of the Council) Deputy Leader, he asked if the Deputy Leader currently lived in the locality the petition was raised. A simple question, not complicated and without any serious consequences either way, the Deputy Leader simply froze, he had no briefing to read from, he had no prior instructions on how to cope with something as complex as a conversation, even with simple closed questions.

Fortunately for him, his father sits as Chairman, and rushed to the rescue.  He silenced the member of the public and got his son out of the terribly complex dilemma of having to say either yes or no to a question which was in the public domain already, on the Council website. Following this this farcical meeting where Matters arising were forbidden even to other lefties outside of the Labour Party, where questions were not permitted, the Council made a fundamental change to its Constitution.

Petitions could only be raised by the public if they were signed by no fewer than 1,500 signatures. This is Ed Millibands unifying message to the public you will be one Nation unified, in silence of conformity by Labour Party authorities who will bully you into silence as they fail to cope at the most basic level with the job of elected politician: "We will oppose One Nation at all levels and we will suppress, oppress and defy you to protect the egos of our low grade empty headed elected buffoons, who themselves will be controlled to the extreme level of being unable to cope with basic conversation and rapport with individuals, people, families, community groups, boroughs, constituencies, counties countries and this nation."

It's time to wake up and recognize who is on the side of the people. It isn't UKIP, it isn't the BNP, not the empty and shallow Lib Dems, the dead Labour Party that once, via democracy brought the poorest voices into Parliament is gone, the Conservative alone have made some strong moves in increasing democracy, they alone have the bickering, arguing that is democracy, they have the potential to do a great deal of good for this Nation.  

There is a possibility to win over the media with some good policies, there is the opportunity to win voters by increasing trust in the system, there is always the chance to do great things, but you need the people for this, take them with you for that fleeting blessing that has to remain fleeting for democracy to flourish.


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