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Extra council funding for roads maintenance

The Autumn Statement included an extra £215 million for local councils on roads maintenance. The allocation for each council has been published.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin says:

The additional funding  will be provided to local highway authorities, including London, to help renew and repair the road network in England. £140m will be allocated in 2013/14, with the remaining £75m in 2014/15.

The funding provided could be used for improvements such as road resurfacing, maintenance or repairs to bridges, or to make repairs to transport infrastructure on the highway network damaged by recent weather events, such as the flooding that some of your constituencies have experienced.

This money, which comes in addition to the £3 billion that the Government is already providing over the Spending Review period to English local authorities for highways maintenance.

There is also extra money for the Local Pinch Point Fund. This has already paid for 65 road improvement schemes to remove bottlenecks and reduce congestion.

Mr McLoughlin adds:

This year, as well as providing a further £100 million injection of cash for that fund, the Government has announced £170 million for a new version of the fund dedicated to local highways.

Any English local transport authority or local highway authority can apply for funding through this fund. For London, Transport for London will be able to bid up to £10 million on behalf of themselves and London Boroughs.

Happy Christmas and drive safely.  


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