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Local authorities with the worst schools named and shamed

For nine councils in the country (including mine) all the local secondary schools are ranked by Ofsted as "good" or "outstanding" according to a Press Association analysis.

These are the councils at the oppositie end. The bottom 20. Those with the lowest ratio of secondary schools judged good or outstanding.

Hull (Labour) 48%

Knowsley (Labour) 48%

Northamptonshire (Conservative) 46%

Blackpool (Labour) 46%

Norfolk (Conservative) 46%

Hartlepool (Labour) 46%

Sunderland (Labour) 45%

Merton (Labour) 45%

North East Lincolnshire (Labour) 45%

North Lincolnshire (Conservative) 44%

Stoke-on-Trent (Labour) 43%

Doncaster (Labour) 43%

Derby (Labour) 42%

Manchester (Labour) 42%

East Riding of Yorkshire (Conservative) 42%

Tameside (Labour) 34%

Portsmouth (Lib Dem) 34%

Middlesbrough (Labour) 32%

Bradford (Labour minority administration) 28%

Barnsley (Labour) 20%

So Labour dominate the roll of shame. They are running 15 out of 20 of those areas doing worst in this respect - while they are still very much a minority party in local government.

For primary schools those with the lowest proportion of placs in good or outstanding ones is direct from Ofsted and is as follows:

Northamptonshire (Conservative) 59%

Norfolk (Conservative) 59%

Haringey (Labour) 58%

Bristol (Lib Dem minority) 58%

Sandwell (Labour) 57%

Tameside (Labour) 57%

North East Lincolnshire (Labour) 56%

Waltham Forest (Labour) 56%

Hackney (Labour) 56%

East Riding of Yorkshire (Conservative) 55%

Kent (Conservative) 55%

Medway (Conservative) 54%

Portsmouth (Lib Dem) 53%

Reading (Labour)

Telford & Wrekin (Labour) 53%

Wolverhampton (Labour) 53%

Wakefield (Labour) 52%

Thurrock (Labour) 49%

Derby (Labour) 43%

Coventry (Labour) 42%

So here Labour are in charge of 13 of the worst cases.

The overall Ofsted rating is the only thing for parents to look at - especially if the inspection took place years ago. Many will regard exam results as a more solid measure. On the other hand usually the same schools perform poorly on that measure too.

There are two Conservative councils - Northamptonshire and East Riding - on both lists. As I can remember being told by one of my old teachers at what is now Pimlico Academy:

You need to buck your ideas up.


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