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The battle for Hampstead Town

MarcusSimon Marcus on why he is standing in the Camden Council Hampstead Town Ward byelection 

Hampstead Town is the ward that centres around Hampstead Village. It comprises some of the most beautiful parts of London, including the oldest parts of the Village, South End Green, parts of the Hampstead Heath and Belsize Park. Famous past residents include George Orwell, Peter Cook and Richard Burton and going back a little further, John Constable.

I grew up in Hampstead, have lived there most of my adult life and it is a real privilege to have the opportunity to stand for election to represent the area as a councillor. Hampstead may be seen as 'posh', but its history and the stories around it draw people in from all walks of life, not just from the rest of London and the UK, but from all over the world.

Representing Hampstead Town is really about putting the ‘conserve’ back into Conservative. Saving Hampstead for the next generation is a constant vigil; it is also about taking action. In founding the Boxing Academy for excluded students, beating the BNP into third place in the general election in Barking and being an outspoken member of the Independent Riots Panel, I have a proven record of action.

I hope to have the privilege of bringing this energy, experience and good judgement to the role of councillor. I have been out with our campaigns team canvassing every evening and also on Saturdays and Sundays.  Local people have made it clear that there are plenty of concerns affecting the area: the threatened closure of Hampstead Police Station is the issue that I have heard most about on the doorstep. Hampstead has a low crime rate and local people want it to stay that way. I have made it clear that I will fight for a full-time permanent police station in Hampstead and have already met with Boris Johnson to put our case forward. Watch this space!

People are also concerned about the changing face of the High Street. When I was growing up in Hampstead, it was full of independent shops. Now, like so many high streets in Britain, Hampstead has become one big global chain. Getting private landlords to lower their rents is always tough, but the Council owns many premises in the High Street and it is about time they helped encourage local businesses that employ local people and add some character to the area.

Further issues include a parking scheme that nobody seems happy with, basement developments that cause subsidence to neighbouring properties and ruin lives and planning and development issues, in general, all need to be dealt with.

It would be an honour to represent the place where I grew up and to help keep Hampstead special. This isn’t a place for political grandstanding or party politics. This is about a common-sense approach that helps local people, gets things done and protects Hampstead’s past present and future for everyone to enjoy.

If you can help me in this campaign we are canvassing every weekday night from 7pm, on Saturdays from 10.30am and 2pm and Sundays 11 am and 2pm. To help please email David Douglas on [email protected] or call 0207 794 5679


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