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Conservative police commissioner candidates chosen for Surrey, Hertfordshire and Staffordshire

Over at Top of the Cops, Sam Chapman, who is much better at keeping count than I am, reckons that we now have 33 of our 41 Police and Crime Commissioner candidates in place.

Among the new ones chosen is Cllr David Lloyd for Hertfordshire. He is the current chairman of the Police Authority. His candidacy is strengthened by having come thorugh  series of open primaries.

Cllr Matthew Ellis has been chosen for Staffordshire. 

I like the sound of Cllr Ellis. He says:

"We've got to find ways of doing things better. I think the police force is quite fragmented. We can streamline things, get police officers being police officers and not bureaucrats. There's a better chance of doing that on a local level than nationally. I don't know a single police officer who enjoys being stuck behind a desk. They want to be out doing their job. I think we could get 70 to 100 officers out of doing bureaucratic things and back into frontline policing."

"I was a witness to a road rage incident. The police officer took a statement and his pen didn't work. Then he used a pencil, which broke. It's a nonsense. Let's give them iPads."

Julie Iles has been chosen for Surrey. She set out her stall for us here.


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