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Cllr Simon Spencer chosen as Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire

SpencerCongratulations to Cllr Simon Spencer, the Deputy Leader of Derbyshire County Council, who has been chosen as the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire. Police Minister Nick Herbert has chosen Derby as the first stop on a tour to back Conservative candidates and raise awareness of the elections.

Cllr Spencer is a former fireman - which he feels will give him some insight into the stress of being on the front line in an emergency service. He is also a businessmen, running the well established family bakery business, Spencers of Ashbourne. He says that his role will be to ensure that the police are accountable, and that common sense is applied.

During his visit Mr Herbert said:

"The new role will see whoever is voted in as a voice for local people on crime and anti-social behaviour and to act as a local link between the police force and the public.

"It is a very important reform that is going to put the power in the hands of people, making sure they are effectively at the top table when it comes to decisions about how crime is driven down in this

"By having an elected figure that the public themselves put there, you create a strong link between the public and the police force. You make sure that person can reflect local concerns.

"I think it is a huge step forward and I think Simon will be an excellent commissioner for this area."


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