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Labour councillor quits saying Ed Miliband is a "wet flannel"

Cllr Carl Clark, who represents the Thetford - Abbey Ward on Breckland Council, has resigned from the Labour Party and will sit as an independent.

He says:

“I have never really been Labour. They asked me a week before the election if I wanted to go with Labour. I was not even a member before. I’m just very against the EU because it’s brought this country down.”

A Pastoral Worker at the Bishops Church of England School in Thetford, Cllr Clark said he opposed "Labour’s abortion policy and selection policy for county council election candidates".

He also criticised Ed Miliband:

"I have never seen a poorer leader. He is like a wet flannel. I can’t believe he is leading the Labour Party. I met him and he could not even look you in the eyes. He looked at the floor and talked about what he was briefed on.”


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