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London still has a Labour majority. How can this change?

Nobody who spent more than an hour or two canvassing for Boris Johnson can have failed to spot those who still regard themselves as Labour supporters.  London still has more people who regard themselves as Labour supporters rather than Conservatives, despite the win for Boris.

But at least the "Labour for Boris" section of the London electorate have shown they are willing to vote Conservative under certain circumstances. Even a small lead for the Conservatives in London at the next election would make a useful contribution to the handful of extra seats needed for an overall majority in the House of Commons. I suspect that in seats such as mine (which will be Hammersmith and Acton under the new boundaries) it would be a Conservative gain if the votes for Boris and Livingstone were replicated at the General Election. The ward breakdown of the Mayor of London vote will make interesting reading.

Increasing the number of ethnic minority votes is important. Lord Ashcroft's report gives a few useful tips. "Putting people in boxes in the name of diversity," is resented. Also language can be misinterpreted. Attacks on "multiculturalism" by David Cameron and others has been taken to mean support for racial segregation. Of course it means the opposite, that there should be integration. Conservatives have the right policy but the wrong language. The attack should be on "racial separatism."


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