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Eric Pickles MP: Five reasons to vote Conservative today

Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

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It’s local election day, with local elections across England, Wales and Scotland, and Mayor and Assembly elections in London.

Here’s five reasons why you should go out and vote Conservative today.

  1. Conservatives deliver better quality, better value local services. Conservatives charge lower council taxes on an average band D home than Labour or Liberal Democrats. Just look at Boris’s record in London – cutting council tax, compared to Ken doubling it. More Conservative councils have frozen council tax this year than Labour councils. The two year freeze will save families up to £147 on a Band D bill.
  2. Conservative councils have been at the forefront of the transparency agenda, opening up their books and finances to public scrutiny. Labour councils, like Nottingham City Council, supported by Labour Shadow Ministers, are refusing to tell their taxpayers how their money is spent.
  3. Councils account for a quarter of all public spending, and need to do their bit to help pay off Labour’s deficit. Conservative councils are protecting frontline services by cutting back office costs, improving procurement and engaging in more joint working. But Labour councils are making frontline cuts for partisan ends – playing politics with people’s lives.
  4. Conservative councils are cutting municipal non-jobs like town hall ‘pilgrims’ and waste like town hall pravadas. Labour councils are campaigning to defend their propaganda and jobs for the boys.
  5. This Government is devolving significant new powers to local councils – over housing, planning, licensing and public health, as well as a new general power of competence. With great power, comes great responsibility: and Conservatives can be trusted to use these powers well.

Don’t let Labour do to your council what it did to the country.

Let Conservatives in local government deliver for you.


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