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Will UKIP deliver victory to Labour in Plymouth?

The local elections next month see fewer Lib Dem candidates than previously and more from UKIP. In Plymouth there are several wards where there is no Lib Dem candidate but there is one from UKIP.

In January a councillor defected from UKIP to the Conservatives.

What will be the impact of this on the main event? Plymouth is a unitary council and a key Labour target. The Conservatives run the council at present with 30 councillors against 25 for Labour.

UKIP will be busy putting out leaflets seeking votes from those who want lower Council Tax, zero tolerance on crime, tougher immigration and a better deal for motorists. Even though it is a local election they will also seek support from those who wish to demonstrate their opposition to our membership of the EU.

My hunch is that they will take rather more votes from the Conservatives than Labour. Perhaps they will play a crucial role in delivering power in Plymouth to a bunch of Lefties.


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