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Welsh Labour candidate suspended after advocating violence

An important target for the Labour Party in the local elections is to gain control of Cardiff City Council. To achieve this would mean winning the Llanishen ward which is cuirrently held by the Conservatives. But one of the Labour candidates for the ward is James Brinning (pictured with Ed Miliband in a puublicity shot) who has been suspended by the Party after making a series of offensive comments on Facebook.

Wales Online reports:

Some of the offensive material appears in a “question and answer” profile on Mr Brinning’s Facebook site. In response to the question “What would you do if you met Justin Bieber?”, he states: “Kill”.

Another question and answer recommends explicit pornographic videos.

Elsewhere on Mr Brinning’s Facebook site can be found an extensive list of things he likes. This section includes several arguably racist references:

* “Lsmmtuafimc = Laughing so much my turban unravels and falls in my curry”;

* “Being a top African and getting the water in for the boys”;

* “Discrimination against Scousers”.

Mr Brinning also advocates “giving taxi drivers unnecessary drunken abuse”.

He makes an offensive joke about the gunman Raoul Moat, who went on a shooting spree that left one person dead and blinded a policeman who subsequently committed suicide. A sexist joke shows a picture of an oven, under which is the caption: “Omg [Oh my God]! It’s the female version of the xbox.”

He approves of “throwing eggs at David Cameron, brick-shaped eggs – made from brick” and states: “Join if you want to kick Nick Clegg square in the balls.”

He also writes that he likes “defaced and graffitied Tory posters” and “vandalised Conservative billboards”.

Brinning's Facebook friends include Shadow Welsh Secretary Peter Hain and Welsh First Minister Carwen Jones.


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