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Labour councillor quits over "secretive" way Nottingham is run

Labour-run Nottingham City Council is the only council in England which refuses to publish its spending. Now Cllr Jeannie Packer, a former Lord Mayor and Sheriff, has resigned from the Labour Group to sit as an independent.

She says:

"I am no longer comfortable with the way the Labour group is being run. It is very much a top down process and very dictatorial."

"I believe the council is poorer for the way it is governed. More needs to be done to make the council more democratic and accountable.

"The council lacks transparency and proper scrutiny.

"I find Nottingham City Council to be a secretive council, therefore to remain in the Labour group would be unprincipled on my part."

Nottsmayoral1-352x500Cllr Packer is backing a Yes vote in the Nottingham referendum on Thursday for a directly elected Mayor.

Whatever you think of having directly elected Mayors the Nottingham's Labour Party's campaign has been pretty insulting. This leaflet is targeted at the Asian community with the message that they should vote against a directly elected Mayor on the basis that the BNP are in favour.

By the way the £1 million cost is fantasy. It is based on the cost of the referendum of £300,000 (which would be the same if there is a No vote) then adding on £400,000 for the cost of the election (which would actually be much less as it would be held on the same day as Police Commissioner election.) Then assuming that the Mayor would be paid an extra £300,000 in allowances over four years than the Council leader would be. Which is nonsense.

What makes it worse is that the Nottingham Labour Party have refused to apologise for their offensive leaflet.


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