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Karen Garrido promises "year-on-year" Council Tax cuts for Salford

In the candidates manifestos for the directly elected Mayor of Salford the Conservatives candidate Karen Garrido says:

My motto is “trust the people”. Salford will be a better place to live when you have the power to make your own decisions for your family and the community around you. With lower council tax year-on-
year, you will have more of your money to spend how you think best.

The Lib Dem candidate merely promises to "keep" the Council Tax down. An odd reference to a tax level that is currently £1,523.29 for Band D - among the highest in the land.

The Labour candidate, former MP Ian Stewart mostly talks about national issues and fails to say what he would do about Council Tax - or about anything else.

Independent candidate Pat Ward says she will cut Council Tax "if cuts can be made." Michael Felse for the English Democrats promises a 50% cut. The Community Action candidate says he would do "all in his power" to reduce Council Tax.

Even with the chance to exercise a second preference the tax cutting vote could be rather split in Salford. If I lived there I would obviously vote for Karen Garrido with my first preference and give Felse my second preference. Not that the English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies has managed to deliver on his Council Tax cut promises.


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