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Charnwood to raise £100,000 through advertising deal

Conservative-run Charnwood Borough Council is to raise £100,000 a year through advertising revenue.

The contract is with Ashby-based Socius which will sell advertising and sponsorship packages on Council buildings, vehicles, structures and publications "where appropriate."

Cllr David Slater, the Council leader of Charnwood Borough Council, says:

“This is the first time the Council has embarked on a project such as this.

“Other councils and public sector agencies are already selling advertising space to help cushion the impact on their budgets so we felt there was an opportunity for us to do the same.

“It is a great example of the Council’s open-minded approach to finance and our commitment to delivering value for money for taxpayers by making public assets earn money.

“Critically, this kind of deal will help us protect and maintain frontline services while supporting local businesses to promote themselves.”

Buildings and assets which could feature advertising opportunities include Loughborough Town Hall, Charnwood Museum, Queen’s Park, Council-owned car parks and the Council’s three leisure centres.

The council's grant cut from central government is £1.14 million - so this £100,000 is not a trivial contribution to filling that gap.


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