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Boris has 4% lead over Ken Livingstone in new London mayor poll

By Tim Montgomerie
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Boris Ken London copy

Anthony Wells of UK Polling Report has always cautioned me to be weary of opinion polls which are conducted over bank holiday weekends but we have a poll from ITV's London Tonight, the Evening Standard and LBC radio which has Boris 4% ahead of Ken Livingstone after voters' second preferences have been accounted for.

Some might have hoped that Boris might have enjoyed a bigger lead after last week's release of candidates' tax returns. Partial returns had to be dragged out of Mr Livingstone and they revealed him as a typical left-winger - wanting all of us to pay more tax while minimising his own contribution to the nation's schools, hospitals etc.

There is more on the poll at ITV News but I think they've got some of their graphs or subtitles wrong. 9.45am: There's a better guide to the poll at the London Evening Standard.


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