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Bin collections becomes election issue in Sheffield

In several local election campaigns those councils that have decided against maintaining weekly bin collections are coming under pressure from opposition candidates.

Labour-run Sheffield have decided to scrap weekly bin collections. The Lib Dems attack the proposal saying weekly bin collections are a "basic service." The council claim that reducing the service is necessary to save money. But they have refused to apply for the special funding that Eric Pickles has made available from the DCLG.

By the way the Sheffield Conservatives are mounting a strong campaign. For instance we have Vonny Watts standing in Fulwood Ward which is currently held by the Lib Dems.

Her press release says:

Vonny Fights For Westminster Flats Improvements
Residents are furious about the removal of carpets due to Health and Safety regulations. Carpets they placed themselves to improve the communal areas have been removed and this has left floors noisy, cold and unattractive. Residents are asking Vonny to help them secure improvements and she has leapt to the challenge.

Vonny has contacted Sheffield Homes to lodge her support for their efforts and has found that money will shortly be available to them through a fund called "Going Local". She has vowed to press the case for alternative flooring to be provided.

Vonny says, "These residents deserve better! The Westminster estate is one of the finest in the city and residents are rightly proud of it. Many of them are retired and look after their homes carefully after years of working hard in the city. They deserve better treatment from our council and I will do my very best to see that they get it."

This strikes me as a good example of applying robust Conservative principles to a local campaigning issue.


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