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Will Livingstone condemn Olympics disruption by Occupy London?

In an interview for Prospect magazine that appeared on their blog on Tuesday the Labour candidate for Mayor of London repeated his support for the Occupy London movement.

I thought that enforcement of the law in having them evicted from St Pauls was "deplorable."

He adds:

They had sequestered an area which didn’t impede people getting to local shops. I don’t believe all the stuff in the press about disease and crime. If there was, the police would have moved in right away and dealt with it. It’s a political strategy because the City authorities are embarrassed to be reminded on a daily basis of the catastrophic errors of judgment that they made which landed us in this mess.

Livingstone adds:

I’ve watched quite peaceful demonstrators occupying Fortnum & Mason who accidentally knocked over a pile of chocolate being dragged off and arrested. The Mayor has to defend the right to protest.

I wonder if Livingstone would like it if "protesters" went on to his property and "accidentally" started knocking things over.

Anyway yesterday the Evening Standard reported that Occupy London are planning to disrupt the Olympics.

St Paul's tent city protesters forced work to stop at a major Olympics site by setting up camp and threatened today: “This is just the beginning.”

Anti-capitalists opponents to the multi-million-pound development sealed locks to a construction site on Leyton Marsh with glue and tape.

A basket ball practice hall for some of the world’s highest paid sports stars is being built there. America’s team is due to train in the hall behind Lea Valley Ice Rink.

More than 200 protesters, including the Occupy London movement who camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral and in Finsbury Square, have been demonstrating at the site over several days.

Will Livingstone condemn this? What will happen if his Mayor of London when the Olympics are due to take place? Will he decide that Occupy London should be allowed to prevent events taking place on the grounds that it would be "deplorablee" to arrest them and that as Mayor he was keen to "defend the right to protest."


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