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Councils should actively encourage schools to become academies


I was looking for the famous YouTube film from Conservative-run West Sussex County Council offering advice on how to wash your hands. I couldn't find it and it may have been taken down. Apart from the nannying element there is an absurdity in producing such material on a local basis. Why should the advice on hand washing be different in East Sussex?

Anyway I chanced upon this other film they have produced which I though much more sensible. If looks at examples of schools in the county than have converted to become academies and visits them to ask why.

This is a commendable initiative. Academy status drives up standards. Rather than trying to preserve their empire it is absolutely right that the council recognises that schools taking this independence gives them more of a chance to achieve the best results. The film offers a message to heads and governors that the council will offer encouragement rather than obstruction to those taking this step.


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