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Boris launches Progress Report

Trust is the key issue in the election for Mayor of London. Both the main candidates have a record upon which they can be judged. A pretty good guide to whether they will keep their promises this time is whether they kept them last time.

Boris Johnson today launched a Progress Report which shows that 91% of his 2008 manifesto pledges have been achieved.

The document sets out the 108 pledges that Boris made in his 2008 manifesto, detailing how he has met 98 of them (90.7%), made progress in five and not met the remaining five pledges. Pledges such as improving the transport system, reducing the cost of City Hall, increasing the number of police officers and getting rid of the western extension of the Congestion Charge have been delivered on.

Perhaps as a service to London electorate Ken Livingstone would care to publish a similar report on whether he delivered on his promises from 2000 and 2004. Or perhaps someone else might care to do it for him.


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