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Taunton Deane Council pulls back from plan to raise Council Tax

I am delighted to see that Conservative-run Taunton Deane Borough Council has pulled back from a proposal for a 3.45% Council Tax increase. A freeze is now proposed. This was something the Conservatives pledged.

The Council leader Cllr John Williams says:

"We made that proposal because the finances of the council are deteriorating in the medium to long term and we did it to plan for the future.

"It's a matter of listening to people and understanding where they want to go with the council - I was trying to protect services in the future.

"But by members' representations, they would rather see us looking at cutting services than put up council tax."

The Council's anti car policy have resulted in a £600,000 loss of parking revenue. But they have a pro car policy when it comes to the mileage allowance paid to their staff where £215,000 a year is spend and the payments are well above the HMRC rate. The council spends £664,000 on publicity.

So it is a pity that Cllr Williams is still pushing this Socialist nonsense that the only alternative to putting up tax is cutting services. But welcome that sense has prevailed and that the Council tax freeze offer is being taken up.


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