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Roll of shame: The 15 Tory councils planning tax hikes UPDATED

As has been stated many times the responsibility for setting the level of Council Tax is with the elected councillors. Only a full council meeting can approve a Council budget and decide on whether to cut, freeze or increase the Council Tax.

But at present the following list of a dozen Conservative councils are due to be increasing Council Tax. I understand that Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Chelmsford, South Hams and West Devon have already ratified the increases at meetings where all councillors have had the chance to vote on the matter, while the others are yet to make a final decision:

  1. Huntingdonshire District Council 3.5%
  2. North Dorset District Council 3.49%
  3. Dover District Council 3.45%
  4. Lichfield District Council 3.40%
  5. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council 3.30%
  6. Surrey County Council 2.99%
  7. Cambridgeshire County Council 2.95%
  8. East Cambridgeshire District Council 2.95%
  9. Peterborough City Council  2.95%
  10. Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council 2.9%
  11. East Hampshire District Council 2.5%
  12. South Hams District Council  2.50%
  13. South Ribble Borough Council  2.50%
  14. West Devon Borough Council 2.50%
  15. Chelmsford Borough Council 2.46%


I'm afraid there were three I missed. List updated. Hope there are no more.


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