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New Conservative leader of Wirral as Labour lose confidence vote

Cllr Jeff Green is back as the Conservative leader of Wirral Council after the Labour leader Cllr Steve Foulkes was removed as the result of a motion of no confidence being passed. A new Conservative/Lib Dem administration is likely to be formed although Labour have been offered the chance to be included.

the dispute concerns the council's behaviour towards a whistle blower Martin Morton who pointed out mistreatment and overcharging of vulnerable residents.

At a meeting with the Council's Chief Executive and senior directors, Cllr. Green said:

"Without the courage and determination of Martin Morton, the abuse and problems in the way in which Wirral looks after people with physical and learning difficulties would never have been exposed.

"A year ago, I instructed the Council to contact Mr Morton and agree his re-instatement as an employee of the Council.  A year ago, we are still waiting.  I want this sorted and I want Martin Morton back working for Wirral.

"The Council faces huge challenges and, with the findings of the Anna Klonowski Report, it is now more important than ever that we face up to those issues, quickly.

"As well as the Klonowski Report, I must also ensure the Council has a budget of what we will be spending from April, along with how we will raise that money.

"I also know that people are being hit by squeezed budgets at home.  I will do my best to ensure that Council Tax does not place a higher burden on Wirral households at this time."


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