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Will the London Assembly back Boris on the Council Tax freeze?

The London Assembly is often criticised as a talking shop. I believe its cost of over £8 million a year should be dramatically cut. But it does have a significant bit of power - it can reject the Mayor of London's budget. A two thirds majority can secure amendments.

This year Boris Johnson is proposing to freeze the Council Tax precept again. But will the London Assembly let him? Even though there are financial incentives from the Government some cities outside London are spurning the offer. Labour-run Nottingham and Labour-run Leicester are planning rises. Labour-run Liverpool are considering one.

The Boris campaign are using an online form for Londoners to write to Assembly members backing a Council Tax freeze.

Mayor Boris Johnson has published his draft budget for the approval of the London Assembly. He wants to freeze City Hall's Council Tax for the fourth year in a row. This is in stark contrast to Ken Livingstone's eight years of successive rises, costing the average household almost £1,000.

In 11 years, Labour have never once voted in favour of freezing your Council Tax. And with Ken Livingstone's hand-picked running mate leading the attack against Boris Johnson's plans in the Assembly, he needs your support. Please use the form below to write to your Assembly member and ask them to support the Mayor's budget.


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