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Two Conservative councillors in Worthing switch to become independent

In what sounds a relatively amicable arrangement Cllr Graham Fabes and Cllr Jacqui Marsh, a father and daughter who are both on Worthing Borough Council, have resigned from the Conservative Group to become independents.

Cllr Fabes, said:

“This is a purely personal decision. I have a lot of respect for what council leader Paul Yallop and the rest of the party have achieved.”

I gather the dispute involved Cllr Marsh difficulty with the constraints of a Conservative "councillors contract" and her view that the wishes of residents associations should be paramount. Without knowing the full details it sounds as though becoming an independent is the right decision for her.

But while councillors should listen to the views of residents associations they should not make the mistake of assuming that the views of residents associations are always synonymous with the views of residents. The best way to find that out is something called canvassing.


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