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Salford votes for directly elected Mayor

Salford voted Yes to a directly elected Mayor in a referendum yesterday and so will elect a Mayor in May.

The vote was 17,344 in favour to 13,653 against. So a clear majority. But a low turnout of 18%.

Geoffrey Berg, whose petition brouught about the referendum said:

"We are very pleased, especially as Labour tried everything to say that people didn’t want a vote in the first place, and that that it was a waste of money. I don’t know if I will run yet but there will be a candidate campaigning for a 50pc reduction in council tax.”

Cllr Karen Garrido, leader of the Conservative opposition said:

“I’m delighted that the people have decided to vote for an elected mayor, which will make a big difference to Salford. It will hopefully break the 40-year rule by Labour.”

But what if a new Mayor puts forward a budget with lower Council Tax and the Labour councillors vote it down?

Cllr John Merry, the Labour council leader, will now put his name forward to be the Labour candidate for Mayor having opposed the creation of the post.



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