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Livingstone would be a part time Mayor

Ken Livingstone is fighting two election campaigns at the moment. As well as seeking election as Mayor of London he is standing for re-election to Labour's National Executive Committee.

Livingstone is on the Grassroots Alliance "slate" of left wingers. This is the faction that will challenge the leadership over the acceptance of spending cuts. It offers an alternative, as one of Livingstone's running mates puts it of "not listening to the daft prophets of austerity."

There are two problems for Livingstone in taking part in this sectarian challenge to Ed Miliband. First of all Livingstone needs to reinvent himself as a loyal Party man to stress his credentials as the Labour candidate to persuade Labour supporters to vote for him.

Secondly if Livingstone is expecting to be elected Mayor of London shouldn't he be concentrating on that? When he was Mayor of London previously he was not a member of the NEC - which is a time consuming role with lots of reports to read and sub committees and panels to attend. Part of the Livingstone campaign pitch is that Boris Johnson is a "part time Mayor" as he writes a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph. But Livingstone would spend his first months as Mayor touring the country touting for the votes of Party and union activists for this internal Party election and spreading a message of insurrection against Ed Miliband.

I suspect Livingstone would spend more time on NEC business than Boris spends (on Sunday evenings) writing for the Daily Telegraph.


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