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Lee Rotherham to stand for Police Commissioner in Lincolnshire

Lee Rotherham, of the Taxpayers Alliance and the Territorial Army, is seeking to stand as the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in his home county of Lincolnshire. If elected he would take a 10% pay reduction, given the state of public finances, "It’s nothing more than the Cabinet is already doing," he says. "As the salary will be fixed, I’ll donate the money to a police charity."

Lee would "support correct but not politically-correct policing that supports the victim not the criminal, campaigning if needed for harsher penalties that hit criminals in their pockets, freedom and time."

Regading local issues he says:

The nature of our agricultural workforce is a significant feature that marks the county out, and attitudes towards foreign labour (whether abuse by gangmasters, or xenophobia in the community) need to be handled intelligently. Metals theft is an area in which I have worked in the past at English Heritage and also in Iraq, and I will establish a working group bringing together churches, councils, heritage groups and the insurers to further develop a communal preventative and predictive strategy.

On drug crime he says:

I have worked in the past in counternarcotics, and take the use and distribution of hard drugs extremely seriously. Having also operated in a compound where the local police had a habit of taking random pot shots when high on hash, while the other side was trying to kill me using weapons funded from opiate sales in Britain, I am not sympathetic to users or pushers, celebrity or otherwise.  

An excellent candidate.


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