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Playground dismantled for breaching EU regulations

It is stories like this one in the Daily Mail which are prompting a growing majority of the British people to favour withdrawal from the European Union. Play equipment at the Allergate play area for breaching European Union safety standard EN 1176. It followed an annual safety audit by Labour-run Durham County Council.

The Daily Mail report says:

The most serious accident any parent can remember at the Allergate playground is the odd grazed knee.

A parent Ruth Chambers said:

'The playground's been used for ten to 15 years plus. It seems crazy that they have suddenly decided it is not suitable.'

Nigel Dodds, the council's sport and leisure manager, has made new promise over when, if ever, new equipment will be installed it "would depend on the outcome of a countywide play strategy, which is still
being drawn up."

David Yearley, from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said:

'Generally speaking, it is important to recognise that compliance with the standards is not mandatory."

If he is right then the council is being over zealous in complying with the EU ruling.

So who is to blame? The EU? Or Durham County Council? I suggest both.


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