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Labour-run council passes anti strike motion

Labour controlled Thurrock Council at a full council meeting last week debated the following motion from Cllr, Danny Nicklen, a Conservative councillor:

“This council does not endorse the union strike action held on November 30th and regrets the inconvenience this caused to Thurrock’s residents, including the movement of the council meeting”.

Two of the Labour councillors abstained and four failed to showing evidence of group division over the issue. Some Labour councillors claimed that strikes were justified despite poor turnout of voting union members.

The motion was passed.

Thurrock Council uses taxpayer’s money to fund union representation. One of the Labour councillors, Cllr Aaron Kiely spent his day in picket lines despite being a student. Indeed when there’s a protest/riot Cllr Kiely can usually be found; Student protests, Occupy LSX and the anti-cuts march last year. He even sympathised with the London Riots in  tweets earlier this year.


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