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Ken Livingstone wants me imprisoned

Labour's candidate for Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has called on me to be sent to prison along with all my fellow Conservative councillors in Hammersmith and Fulham.

Speaking at a public meeting in Fulham Palace Road on Monday evening he attacked plans to redevelopment the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates as "gerrymandering" making a comparison with Shirley Porter. This is despite the guarantee that tenants will be rehoused locally. The scheme is about more and better housing - not driving anyone out.

Anyway Paul Waugh on Politics Home records Livingstone making a reference to a "bunch of crooks" running Hammersmith and Fullham Council, then clarification was sought during the Question and Answer session:

Afterwards, however, a H&F Tory councillor Peter Graham took great exception to being described as a crook.

Here's his exchange with Ken:

PG:         A very quick question. I’m one of the local Conservative Councillors...

Ken:       I noticed. [Laughs.]

PG:         I just wondered if you meant to call me a criminal?

Ken:       Oh, yes. I think, frankly, you should all go to prison for what you’re doing in this borough.

PG:         You think I should go to prison?

Ken:       All of you, all of you. I think it’s what Shirley Porter did, and you’re destroying lives, and you should be ashamed of yourself. And if there’s any justice you will burn in hell and your flesh will be flayed for demons for all eternity.

Perhaps Livingstone will say the comments one of his little jokes. It would be easier to see the funny side if he wasn't so supportive of Marxist leaders who do imprison political opponents. 



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