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One Dynamic Nation campaign launched

Meikle Cllr David Meikle, a member of Glasgow City Council, on his new campaign to support the union

I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to a new organisation which I hope you can support.

I have been involved with the setting up of One Dynamic Nation which was officially launched on 30 September to campaign against Scotland leaving the United Kingdom.

One Dynamic Nation believes in the United Kingdom. We will advance positive messages about the United Kingdom and the benefits to Scotland remaining part of the UK. We will also build up support for the UK across Scotland and the UK.

One Dynamic Nation will be a people-powered, grassroots campaign to highlight Scotland’s support for remaining part of the United Kingdom and our opposition to independence in the referendum which the SNP government intends to hold in the second half of its term.

This will be a non-political campaign but open to members of all political parties as well as those with no political affiliation who share our aims and values to join. We want to avoid duplication of effort and would encourage everyone who supports the campaign aims to join One Dynamic Nation to ensure there is one coherent voice fighting to save the United Kingdom.

This campaign is about the future of Scotland – we therefore want as many people as possible involved. Those who share our aims can for example sign the petition and volunteer to get involved with the campaign – this can be done by visiting our website.

One Dynamic Nation’s new website also allows you to join in and donate online. The website has a Campaigns page where you can tell us why you back Britain! There is also a News page which will be regularly updated with comment pieces and articles!

You can find out more about the campaign by visiting our website

One Dynamic Nation is being set up as a non-profit organisation based in Scotland and will be governed by a Board of Directors who will be accountable to the members of One Dynamic Nation. Currently we are run by a small number of staff who are unpaid at the moment. We don’t receive any public money and will rely on donations and memberships from individuals and businesses to help pay for what we need to organise campaigns.

Since we launched on Friday, we have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction. I appeared on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland” programme to discuss the campaign and One Dynamic Nation’s launch featured in the Scotsman and on STV news. I have written articles for Tory Hoose and other centre right blogs about the campaign. There is real interest out there! We have had nearly 2000 visits to our website in the space of two days and many people have Liked our Facebook Page or Follow us on Twitter! We have also had people signing our petition and making donations.

Finally, the reason I joined One Dynamic Nation is because following the Scottish Parliament election results I am worried about Scotland drifting towards a break-up of the United Kingdom. I also felt there was no coherent Scottish voice campaigning to save the United Kingdom. To date most of the attention on this debate has been given to London focused initiatives and we aim to change this with a positive grassroots campaign because we believe people in Scotland support being part of the UK. And there is no point waiting until the date of the referendum is announced – we need to start this now and we aim to build a people powered campaign. Already One Dynamic Nation has the backing of prominent businessmen, politicians and other high profile individuals, so we therefore hope you can support the campaign.

If you agree with this and you are interested in becoming actively involved then get in touch. You can contact One Dynamic Nation by email [email protected] Thank you for your support!


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