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Cutting street lighting has not increased crime

The Sunday Telegraph reports that in a survey 98 out of 133 councils were reducing, or considering reducing, street lighting. The evidence from those that have done so already - such as Essex, Gloucestershire, Essex and Leicestershire - is that this has not resulted in an increase in crime. There could be all sorts of explanations for this although the fear of increased crime will mean cutting street lighting will remain a controversial decision for councils. But then the benefits go beyond saving money, many welcome the reduction in light pollution.

Norfolk County Council is proposing to reduce its night lighting in some areas to save £167,000 a year and cut its CO2 emissions by 10%.

What does Cllr Steven Altman, a Green Party councillor for Messum Ward on Norwich City Council, think of the plan?

He says:

"The environmental and economic benefits have been overstated. There is a lot of opposition from residents who are concerned about the impact it will have on crime."

So the message to the residents of Messum Ward is clear. if you want to reduce CO2 emissions don't vote for the Green Party.


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