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Bexley launches incentives for recycling

Conservative-run Bexley Council has launched a pioneering scheme for rewarding residents for recycling on a community as well as an individual basis. The first phase covers 2,000 flats in East Thamesmead.

The reward system works for individuals who sign up to be members of the scheme, which is run by Local Green Points. In return for these points they have discounts in local shops - so far 30 retailers have signed up. There are also community points which are shared out equally and can be used to make purchases via the Local Green Points website, to pay for “eco-friendly” products, or donated to local charities.

Cllr Gareth Bacon, the Cabinet member for the environment on Bexley says:

“We’re proud that Bexley is already London’s top borough for recycling with a recycling rate over 50%.  However we recognise that we can still do more and see the London Green Points scheme as an excellent way to encourage even more people to recycle more waste, as well as helping to build community cohesion.”

It will interesting to see how successful it is. The example for Windsor and Maidenhead is encouraging.


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